FAQs and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about SER Implementation

This page provides information about the Student Engagement Roster, specifically for instructors at the IU Bloomington campus. For more general information about the SER, see the IU-wide FLAGS page.

What is the Student Engagement Roster (SER)?
The Student Engagement Roster (SER) is a tool that allows faculty to communicate with students and provide early and frequent feedback to improve or deepen their learning in a course. Learn more about SER here.

Why is the Student Performance Roster (SPR) being retired?
The SPR was the original engagement feedback platform created as part of the Fostering Learning, Achievement, and Graduation Success (FLAGS) Initiative. It has been supplanted by the Student Engagement Roster (SER), a more comprehensive and robust engagement platform. Migration to SER began in 2018 and IUB is the only remaining campus using the SPR as part of FLAGS. All other IU campuses are exclusively using SER.

Why is IU no longer supporting the SPR?
The IU campuses that have adopted SER have been pleased with its usability and functionality. SER is a more comprehensive platform that better facilitates meaningful communication with students. In an effort to streamline IU System technology, the SPR will no longer be available. 

Are the Canvas data in SER up-to-date?
Yes. There is an API that assures Canvas data are synchronized with SER. In the past, Canvas data were not completely up-to-date, sometimes being up to 48 hours old. 

Are early evaluations, which instructors are required to provide for a subset of students every semester, easy to perform in SER?
Yes. Progress reports have been created that filter on only the students for whom early evaluations are required.

I am unable to find more information on progress reports. Where can I find this information?  
The Office of Completion and Student Success (OCSS) and the Office of the Registrar are currently developing simple, easy to follow guides that show users how progress reports and early evaluation grades are loaded. These guides will be available at the beginning of the fall term through OCSS and will be disseminated to faculty at that time. 

Can instructors now upload all students and grades on their Canvas roster to the SER?
Generally speaking, Yes.  An “Upload from Canvas” feature was added in spring 2021 that will pull in all the Canvas grades for a course and populate the SER appropriately. However, an additional feature will need to be added in order to pull grades specifically for early evaluation progress report recipients. 

In the past the SER required several steps in order to enter evaluation data than the SPR. Is this still the case?  
This concern has been largely mitigated by the creation of the aforementioned progress reports. Before this feature was added there were a number of steps required to create the population to which the instructor wanted to apply observations. These steps have been eliminated with the creation of the progress reports.

I need help with my SER.  Who should I contact for assistance?
Staff in the Office of the Registrar are available to assist with inquiries related to attendance verification or early evaluations.

What resources are available to assist with the transition from the Student Performance Roster to the Student Engagement Roster?  
The Office of Completion and Student Success and the Office of the Registrar have produced a variety of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the SER.